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3 masted barque circa 1930


The Archibald Russell


Not your every day Titanic!




Antique New England 3 Masted Barque in Pinch bottle


High Quality 4 masted clipper in wine bottle


Museum Quality 4 masted Tea Clipper


New England Clipper


The Mary Rose, a English warship


Antique 3 Masted Barque against blue sky from Cap’n Steve’s English finds


USS Constitution ” Old Ironsides”


Historic Flying Cloud in a pinch bottle


3 masted English Frigate


Museum Frigate in Pinch bottle circa 1920


The Great Republic


3 masted Schooner on decorated Plinth


Museum Find #2 Frigate in a pinch bottle


Brigantine Caroline 1866


Antique Dutch Clipper


Antique 3 masted clipper in a pinch bottle


On this page you’ll find up to 14 one of a kind ships in a bottle. Each page will be different with these one of a kind. Each Ship In Bottle on this page and on this website is being sold below actual value. And example came back recently from the antique roadshow which was a POW ship in a bottle from Canada, which I have two or three in stock right now. They were appraised at $400-$500 each

You’ll find my price considerably lower on these ships in bottles. Each one shipped out will come professionally packed and will arrive safely due to the fact they are insured. So no worries about your ship in a bottle purchase.