The Wilford ship mantle sized ship in bottle


The Wilford ship in a bottle that is mantle sized.

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At first view while unpacking it was breathtaking, the builder obviously had an eye for the flair of art. In this triangular a bottle we have a three-masted frigate I would say between islands rock islands along with a lighthouse. Very nicely rigged boat, Of course handcarved and hand-painted, surrounded with lacquered river rocks representing two islands. This is the piece that if you want to set off your entire collection place on your mantle it’s truly a work of art and one word to describe it is outstanding. It is in excellent condition, vintage 1950 and 20 inches long and I triangular bottle I see absolutely no flaws. I believe this bottle could be lit up there is a switch on the stand also wires running from the bottle. The electricity will be left up to you. Truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. Museum quality. Bottle is 20 inches long