Pre 1850 Antique ship in a bottle


Pre 1850 antique ship in a bottle

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Pre 1850 antique ship in a hand blown medicine bottle, purchase from a estate in England and I was inform that grandfather was aware of his Grandfather owning this.

All the tell tale bubbles in glass are there, and the patina on actual ship is stunning. These are the most desirable trait when buying a ship in bottle. Ship type is a Brig, and we have a couple of life/whale boats on her deck. She came with this ebony presentation stand and was glue to it, to ship it back she had to be removed from her stand. I plan on shipping her out this same way, separate, so it will require some glue or Velcro to keep her on this very nice stand.

She’s very old and has aged well. There are about 4 sweat marks on the rear inside, but in no way effects the presentation



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