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Large ship in a jug, from personal stock

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I have had her on my fireplace mantle for over 10 years and finally after looking while the housekeeper was cleaning I found her again, She’s old ! I’d say close to 100.
28 sails, 4 masted clipper the “Pamir” Pamir, a four-masted barque, was one of the famous Flying P-Liner sailing ships of the German shipping company F. Laeisz. She was the last commercial sailing ship to round Cape Horn, in 1949. By 1957, she had been outmoded by modern bulk carriers and could not operate at a profit.
Plenty of history on this one ! Sails have nice patina , well and extensively rigged, beautifully carved and painted, one a baby blue sea. She’s 11×6 and in great condition