Museum Quality Very old 3 masted Barque

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Very old 3 masted Barque

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Please make sure to look at all the pictures. I have found another from a special builder from the pre 1950’s. All the others I found were in England, this one came to me from Missouri.
SO much detail in this 8 inch pinch bottle, but all the signature hallmarks are there, Seagulls, Buoy and pennant, painted rigging !
This is a early one in his build career, based on the other product I have had from his design, The patina on the sails scream 1920, the buoy is a bit undersized, along with the seagulls. Definitely one of his earlier builds. All this aside, it is a very advanced build that will stand out!
There is mild chequering on the interior of the glass, but this is to be expected in a bottle of its age ! DEFINITE MUSEUM QUALITY !