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HMS lively

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HMS LIVELY. Number 6 of 7 of the museum quality ships in bottles from England. Unsurpassed rigging and detail that’s been packed away for years. Finally rediscovered in 2017 and offered up for sale by Cap’n Steve. This beautiful frigate ranks up in the upper 2% of my collection. Play close attention to the detail, there is plenty here to see in a quart bottle about 12 inches long.
Condition Excellent
If you want to read about the Lively, simply Google it there is much much there.
HMS Lively was a 20-gun post ship of the Royal Navy, launched in 1756.[1] During the Seven Years’ War she captured several vessels, most notably the French corvette Valeur in 1760. She then served during the American Revolutionary War, where she helped initiate the Battle of Bunker Hill. The French captured her in 1778, but the British recaptured her 1781. She was sold in 1784.