Great Western Antique Steamer ship in a bottle


Isambard Kingdom Brunel's “Great Western” has 8 sails

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The better known subject of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s “Great Western” has 8 sails; plus 3 flags and 2 pennants on the rearmost mast; plus the British merchant navy “red ensign” trailing off the rear sail. This ship is in a large round pale green bottle measuring slightly over 13 inches or 33 cm from base to end of cork. It sits on a separate wooden stand that has white decoration on the legs. There is a label securely fixed inside the neck of the bottle – yellow with black border and lettering that says “GREAT WESTERN”. I have had several bottles made by this guy, who is unknown, just one heck of a builder. His models are highly desirable with great detail.

The ship is fixed securely in the bottle.


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