Englands Galleon Revenge


English Galleon antique ship in a bottle

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A beautiful piece of art from England the Gallion Revenge. Wonderfully hand carved and painted with plenty of detail all the way down to the guns on the deck. Sails are artfully painted and she sits in pristine bottle. Make sure to pay close attention to the carved hull. Do not miss those photos of the deck. This is a really advanced build and this guy put a lot of work into it. Very much a one of a kind antique
There is a ton of Provenance on Google about the Revenge. Here’s a sample.
Builder: Mathew Baker at Deptford Royal Dockyard
Cost: £4,000 (£1.03 million today)
Launched: 1577
Captured 1 September 1591
Ran aground in the Azores soon afterward
General characteristics
Class and type: Race-builtgalleon
Tons burthen: 440 [1]
Length: 140 ft (43 m)[1]
Sail plan: Early full-rigged ship[1]
Complement: Approx. 260[1]
Forty-six guns:
20 heavy guns on the gundeck
26 other pieces[2]
Revenge was an English race-built galleon of 46 guns, built in 1577 and captured by the Spanish in 1591, sinking soon afterwards. She was the first of 13 English and Royal Navy ships to bear the name.[Note 1]