antique Star Of India ship in a bottle


antique Star Of India ship in a bottle

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The Star of India formally the Euterpe sailed the seas for many years, this one is in a ten inch square bottle, fully rigged on a green sea and a sky blue background. Nicely carved and built along with detailed cat rails and deck housing, of course hand painted. A pre 1960 build however the stand was obviously added at a later date The condition is excwellent and bottle is clear.

Euterpe’s career had a rough beginning. She sailed for Calcutta from Liverpool on 9 January 1864, under the command of Captain William John Storry. A collision with an unlit Spanish brig off the coast of Wales carried away the jib-boom and damaged other rigging. The crew became mutinous, refusing to continue, and she returned to Anglesey to repair; 17 of the crew were confined to the Beaumaris Jail at hard labor. Then, in 1865, Euterpe was forced to cut away her masts in a gale in the Bay of Bengal off Madras and limped to Trincomalee and Calcutta for repair. Captain Storry died during the return voyage to England and was buried at sea.