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Antique Clipper in pinch bottle


Antique clipper ship in a pinch bottle vintage 1920

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Original, vintage, ship in a bottle. Herzogin Cecilie in a Haig’s Dimple Whisky bottle, with a spring cap.note seagulls and buoy. A very advanced build, I do not come across these very often

Lovely, detailed, model in good condition. The bottle itself is not chipped or cracked, but does have blemishes and scratches. Some smears & marks to the inside of the glass.

Bottle is 8″ in length. Weighs 747g.

Herzogin Cecilie was a German built four-mast barque (windjammer), named after German Crown Princess Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1886-1954). She sailed under German, French and Finnish flags. She was built in 1902 by Rickmers Schiffbau AG in Bremerhaven. Herzogin Cecilie was one of the fastest merchant sailing ships of her time.
On 25th April 1936 in dense fog she grounded on Ham Stone Rock and drifted onto the cliffs of Bolt Head on the South Devon coast. After parts of the cargo were unloaded she was floating again, only to be towed in June 1936 to Starhole (Starehole) Bay at the mouth of nearby Kingsbridge estuary, near Salcombe, and beached there. On 18th January 1939 the ship capsized and sank.
The timber and brass portholes from the chart room were salvaged and used to construct a small room in the Cottage Hotel at Hope Cove, near Salcombe, which can still be visited today. The room contains several photographs and press cuttings of the wreck.