After sailing to all points up and down the east coast of the United States, I have come to roost on the Internet and have future plans to open my Nautical Antique Store hopefully in Key West, it seemed to be a friendly enough town. This endeavor might catapult me there!

Over the years I have acquired hundreds of “one of a kind” ships in bottles, some antique ship in bottles, some masterpieces, Plenty museum quality ship in bottles. ALL handmade by a patient person that’s heart went into this process from all over the world. There are a few here that are now being exploited by China and the price will reflect it, so there is no guarantee that the ones marked with an asterisk (*) are “one only” in the world.

I can assure you each item

  • Will be hand-packed carefully
  • Shipped within 48 hours
  • Insured, Tracked, and should be delivered safely.

Keep in mind there is only me running this shindig and I am a head wrapper, packer, buyer, and expediter.

Make sure to join our mailing list, most new inventory will be featured.

I will never compromise on quality, that’s my promise!